“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
― Josh Billings ―
Valley labradors is dedicated to producing top quality healthy labradors for every need. Whether  you are looking for a family pet, hunting companion, or a show and field trial dog we have you covered. We produce hunting companions as well as family pets through selective breeding in health, temperment, and stature. All of our labradors are Registered through the AKC and are backed by a 26 month health gurantee. Our goal with each litter is to improve the already amazing breed. We understand that selecting a puppy is a huge committment and we want to make it as stress free as possible. Please browse our page and contact us with any questions. Have a blessed day!
Black, Yellow, Chocolate, Charcoal, Champange, and Silver Labs
Black, yellow and chocolate are not the only colors of Labrador retriever
Silver Labradors are chocolate Labs with a dilution gene that causes their coat to be a lighter color. Black and yellow labs may also have these dilution genes, but the difference in their coat color isn’t as dramatic as it is with the chocolate.

If you want a friend for life, get a dog. - Harry S Truman

Color can have a strong influence in the puppy selection process. We believe that color should not determine the right puppy for you. Health and tempermant should be considered prior to sex or color of any puppy. To learn more about dilute colored labradors visit Council for Purebred Labrador Retrievers.